Where do you draw the line?

7 Apr

I must say after looking all through these articles that this article “Do journalistic standards apply to PR bloggers?” really looked interesting. I mean honestly it has been a HUGE question and debate for a while. I know in my intro to mass communications class it has been mentioned several times and several other classes we touched on the topic. I am sure everyone has their own opinion on this debate and I am not here to tell you which one is right or wrong. BUT I want you to have an open mind to both sides. You have to keep in mind that bloggers and journalists have similar functions and roles. They both are constantly telling stories and giving information to the public. Rogers stated, “Blogging cannot be replace the watchdog journalism that keeps a government accountable to its people” while later he states that “bloggers tries to keep the outside system”. Honestly to me this just comes across that a blogger is just being lazy. I mean they are doing the same thing except a journalist is doing more work it seems like. Basically we need to draw the line and make it clear. We need to draw a line between the community bloggers and outreach bloggers. Public relation bloggers can use excuses as well. Honestly, I do think we just need to draw a line!  



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