Business Blogging

7 Apr


   Blogging is important for a company especially if you are doing a business blog. Of course the question is how should we blog properly? Many people have a different take on blogging, but I find a website those talks about a business blog and I would recommend people to write it. You do not want to make a business blog for nothing. If you are going to make it MAKE IT RIGHT. Who wants to redo one? There are certain things you need to do. FIRST, your url should be something easy and short, not something really long. If you are trying to blog for a business then you should act professional and use a domain name for your blog url. SECOND, you should a blog name to tag so readers can go and check out what the blog is about. THIRD, your design of your blog is IMPORTANT! You want to make sure it stands out, add style to make it unique, make it easy to read, and have a unique header. FOURTH, you want to make sure you use navigations on a blog. Therefore, you will have different categories all set up, search boxes, and so on so on. This just makes it easier to find everything and way more organized. FIFTH, have content on your blog. For example you want an editorial plan for your blog.  SIXTH, if you want to add social channels make sure you use them and update them such as twitter and facebook. SEVENTH, make sure you list who this blog is to. You can make a page just for them to describe why you made it so you can tell readers. That way they will know what to expect and something that they can identify with.


Hopefully this will help EVERYONE! Enjoy reading this!

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One Response to “Business Blogging”

  1. Barbara O April 13, 2011 at 1:15 am #

    Sandra Love the Blog girl!!Great graphics, and I love how you talked about business and blogging which is so important.your blog kept me entertained, great job!

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