What I have Learned in Public Relations Class

4 Apr


     There were a lot of things I learned from my Public Relations class this year. Honestly, I had no idea what public relations was until taking this class. I had switched my major and was trying to figure out exactly what I wanted to go into. FIRST, I learned that public relations was a management function that evaluates the public attitudes, identifies an organization with the public interests, and plans to executes a program of action to earn the public’s trust and understanding. SECOND, six words that makes up public relations are:  deliberate, planned, performance, public interest, two-way communication, and management function. THIRD, public relations is a process which requires research, action, communication, and evaluation. FOURTH, public relations must explain the objectives and goals of their client and employees the public, and then at the exact time they must provide guidance to the people’s public interest. FIFTH, there is a debate in public relations whether public relations are professional. BUT the most important thing for an individual is to act like a professional. Professionals have to hold themselves to a loyalty higher standard and to the public’s interest. SIXTH, there is a lot in public relations department that is required such as strategic and operational management knowledge. SEVENTH, you cannot go into public relations without doing research. Many people tend to think of research as getting surveys and complex things, but it is as simple as gathering data and information. EIGHTH, you want to make sure you include a diverse culture, religious, ethnic, and economic attributes to your audience so you can relate to all different types of people. NINTH, the role of public relations is win back public credibility and trust. TENTH, travel, entertainment, and sports are huge in public relations. For example, public relations is about promoting an entertainment event, sports publicity, and travel promotion. These all attract many people.


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