2 Apr

    When people have money they want to go places and see different things. Public relations have a goal to not only attract people to places but to keep them happy once they arrive somewhere. Not just sports and entertainment make all the money, but travel brings a lot of money in as well. Travel promotion is all around us. For example in magazines, newspapers, travel films, direct mail, videos, and even presentations on the web. There are many U.S. travel agencies that are dying to help people find the best places to go and stay in nice places while there. They want to make sure their client is satisfied and comfortable.

        One important thing while traveling is to make sure good treatment is provided. You will not believe how much it has a huge effect on a client. Many things can ruin a trip such as rude hotel clerk, misplaced luggage, or poor accommodations. When these things happen it causes the clients to be upset and when they are upset they come home upset. When causing them to be upset makes them tell their friends about how bad the trip was. FRIENDS TELL FRIENDS!

        Even best arrangements can be messed up sometimes. Planes arriving late or bad weather I mean it is not just an easy task. This is where personal touch really means a lot. An attentive can really make a difference in a situation like this. They could offer a free drink or meal just to soothe the guests. Training is really important for a travel agent. Just think about people that travel from another country. They are already going to feel a little awkward being in a new surrounding; therefore, you want to make sure they are comfortable. They want to feel like they are at home so they are going to depend on others.

        Many tragic events can really make an impact on travel. For example when September 11th in New York, Washington D.C., and Pennsylvania happened many people had the fear of traveling and were uncertain about it. The Travel Industry Association of America estimates that $43 billion was lost in revenue and there was a disappearance of 527,000 tourism-related jobs. Even President Bush had to make two public announcements about travel to encourage people. Of course, from then on out security really raised the bar and was tight on everything.

        Travel businesses have really been hired because of the internet. Consumers have found it a lot easier. Plus there are many discount specials to attract people. There are also certain websites where you can locate anything about traveling. Packaging consists of prepaid arrangements such as housing, entertainment, meals, housing, with a professional escort to handle all the details for you. This is huge for traveling!

        Most of the traveling audience is seniors. They are retired and make the money and time to travel. Therefore, many of the travel promoters have included them in their details to attract them to places. They made it easier for them so they do not have to walk as much. Plus they made things that would entertain them and not just the young ones.

Here I have attached the slide show which says exactly what is said above just with a couple pictures and less words. For my presentation I will explain the slides with the information that is writen above. Check out this slide show at  public relations-travel


One Response to “Travel”

  1. ang4546 April 2, 2011 at 8:34 pm #

    I love to travel, and although I’m not keen to travel first class, I still enjoy being catered to whenever I stay overnight somewhere. I know that when I retire, traveling will be a number one priority for me. I know the importance for picking up the slack of airlines that fall behind schedule, and other areas of travel that is nitrous for being unreliable. Public Relations professionals really put themselves in the travelers’ shoes when they conduct their everyday business. This is why I consider PR pros to be true servants.

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