Tips for a Spokesperson

25 Mar

                For this week’s Topic of the week we were allowed to do it on whatever we want that was related to public relations of course. So I decided to do my topic of the week on a public relation connection. I was looking all through the Ragan’s communication website until I saw something that struck my eye. Speaking in front of people has always been something I have not really enjoyed doing. Honestly, I do not think many people do! As I was searing around I found an article on tips for any spokesperson.

How To Deliver An Excellent Speech

                I learned that preparing is a huge step to success. The website says, “I am convinced they can jump a couple spots on a 1-10 scale.” Just hearing that makes me feel more comfortable. They left a couple tips that people needs to know before going and speaking.

              First you need to develop a message. Basically to make that easier you should jot some notes down on a piece of paper like the many points. Then, repeat, repeat, repeat! You want to be able to communicate the important message so everyone can clearly get the idea. Next, you want to be able to transition. You want to use lines like these. The most important thing to remember is… or use lines like this, we’ll what we are see here is. After that, you need to make sure you are not getting to comfortable when talking. For example your goal is not to make a friend. Once you start doing that you will start to get away from your main message. The next thing I would do is use everyday English. You want to use a word that twelve year olds would understand because you are trying to connect to the audience. After that, do not bury your lead. What I mean by that is when you are going to answer a question to your audience tell them exactly what you mean, you do not need to provide context if you have time you can go back and do that. Next, remember to be yourself.  You want the audience to know you are passionate and not boring them to sleep. The last tip they recommend is to watch your tone. Even if you do not know the answer to the question stay calm because the more your voice goes up and down the more people will read you and see you are uncomfortable.

These are a couple of helpful tips to you! Hope that this will help you out when speaking in front of someone.

If you would like to read more you can visit this website and get more details.


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