Martin Waxman Interview

18 Mar

            For my assignment I was suppose to watch a podcast on an interview. I choose to do my assignment on Martin Waxman. He is a president and co-founder of Palette Public Relations Inc. I watched this video and was able to retain and learn a lot of new material. This podcast really helped me have a better understanding of Public Relations and what companies are looking for. This podcast was only twenty-five minutes. I would recommend people to watch this podcast to learn more about Public Relations.

            The first thing that caught my eye was when he was talking about how he worked for an agency, but then later opened up his new agency. Of course, like every business there are always things people did not like. When opening up a new agency Martin explained that there were three things that the agency was based on. First, he wanted to stress simplicity. He thinks it is really important to make things the easiest for his clients. To me, just listening to this really stood out to me because just hearing this would make me want to work for him. Second, he wants a client to have energy. Honestly, when hearing this I never really thought this would be a choice, but it makes sense. Who is going to want a boring person? The last thing he stresses is to have someone with integrity. He wants his clients to be loyal and honest.

            Martin later on talks about what he looks for when it comes to technology as for hiring. He explains that you have to know traditional and social media. You have to be able to be updated with all of this. Not only that, but it is important to know people and what they blog about. When hiring he wants you to be able to inform him. You need to be able to use the information you hear about and use it in a smart way.

            Another thing that he talks about his spelling errors. He told us a short story about how you can have a great person with a blog and everything, but he will NOT hire a person that has tons of misspelled words. Plus he will not hire people who uses words incorrectly. To me, this was basic knowledge because I look at that like a resume. No one is going to hire you if you cannot spell words.

Martin Waxman stresses the fact to


If you would like to follow him on twitter you must say you are from Barbara Nixon’s class and he will follow and write you! 🙂

This interview was extremly helpful and contains so much more information so if you are interested in learning more I would recomment people to take the time to watch this interview! Great chance to learn more FOR FREE!


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