PR Interview

15 Mar

       For my professional public relations interview I decided to keep it in Lakeland. I interviewed Casey Taylor who works for Crescendo- Public Relations Turned up. Casey Taylor works pretty much for himself and has a partner with him. If you would like to get a hold of him his website address for the company is . If you would like to check out his personal blog you can find it at . Another way to check out something about him is on linkenin at Casey Taylor. I found Casey from a friend Jasmine Antonelli when talking about majors together. I looked at Casey’s page and got in contact with him where I set up a phone to phone interview because he was in meetings for two weeks with him. From there he sent me his phone number through an e-mail where I was able to set up a phone call interview with him. We played phone tag for a couple hours, but then I was finally able to get a hold of him after a meeting that ran late.

     A typical week for Casey is really busy. Casey spends most of his time doing the creative side which his partner does the press release side of the deal. Casey claims that having a partner is one of the biggest decisions because a business partner is close to marriage. They both double check each other’s work and try to provide help to each other. There is not one week that is quite similar to another week. Casey spends most of his time meeting with other clients because his business firm is small there are very selective to their clients and denial a lot. He claims that the two things he looks for when interviewing someone is communication skills and physical appearance. The reason why is because even if you do not know exactly what you are talking about you can cover it with you communication. Plus he wants his clients to be presentable. Casey meets with at least two people a day to discuss and have conversations with other people. The week mainly consists of a lot of THINKING, planning, and tweeting. Public Relations is about being busy!

      Throughout Casey’s whole public relations career he was able to pick his own projects because he works for himself. Therefore, every project is one he wants to do. However, there is one project that really stood out to Casey which was “Culture Rock.” This event was held in Lakeland at the Lakeland Center in January last year. They wanted to engage teenagers to be abstinence and have sexual awareness. Casey was extremely proud of this project and believes it helped many individuals.

       One thing that Casey stresses is that you need to stay in contact in the Public Relations Industry. He tries to do this all the time by reading graphic design USA. Plus he gets involved with photography, drawing, press conferences, and other things that are not his specialty. This way at any given moment he can be informed with a lot of things going around him.

        Casey would not change anything before starting Public Relations because he was informed by so much by traveling and working by himself. Therefore, he was able to really make up his own image and thoughts of things.

        WRITING is the biggest thing in Public Relations. Casey says, “You cannot be in Public Relations if you cannot write.” You will need to pick another field. Throughout his whole career he claims that his education really helped him in the marketing side and writing. It made him stronger in many aspects.

       Three tips that Casey would tell people that are about to get into Public Relations is 1. BE YOURSELF. This is important because you can never set your client apart unless you set yourself apart first. 2. BE CAREFUL WHO YOU ASSOCIATE WITH. Casey told me a story about how he was offered to work with a client but rejected them. They had a bad feeling about it, which later down in the road he would not be able to do one of his projects which were outstanding if he dedicated himself to the other one. 3. When choosing a partner to choose it wisely. This is a huge decision and will affect your business.

      Throughout this whole interview I was able to really get a better grip about Public Relations. This was really beneficial to me because I think it is really guiding me into the right direction. I have a way better understanding about everything with Public Relations. Before interviewing Casey I brainstormed in my head the answers I thought he was going to answer, but with him giving me examples and explaining all my answers to my questions really helped me! This was a great learning experience!


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