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12 Mar

      For today’s blog I was asked to switch with someone that I found interesting. This is when I started my search. Majority of the one’s I read did not really strike my attention until I saw this one. I really enjoyed reading this blog. It was written by my friend Barbara Oguntola . This blog stood out to me because it taught me a lot of things that I was not previously aware of.

As a subcriber to PR Daily  I get  plenty of e-mails to keep me updated on what is going on in the media. One article that really caught my eye was from ZD Net on the top 10 websites that are banned at work. Here are some common websites that are banned.

The #1 website is Facebook

       I guess a lot of companies do not want their employees on facebook, when they are supposed to be working.  I see exactly why it would be banned, facebook can distract someone in an instant. Especially if someone you know post a funny status.  If a person  has a deadline and is on facebook instead, they could actually lose their job. Is facebook worth losing a job?? I think NOT when you are off work you can go on whenever you want. 

#2  is myspace

#2 really shocked me especially since it is number two. No one really has a myspace anymore but for those who do it is banned too at work.

#3 is Youtube

 There are so many things on youtube, I see exactly why it is banned. No watching music videos or full episodes of show you missed.

Others that made the cut were

    No you can’t buy stuff on ebay and then post the link on your twitter! It is important when you are at work to stay on task and not use the office computer for personal use, doing things like that can get you fired.  My advice is when you are at work do not lose focus because there is always someone who wants your job. Wait till you are on break or off the clock to check your personal accounts and do not do it on the office computer, use your own cell phone or your own laptop.

here is the official list of the top 10

1. Facebook

2. MySpace

3. YouTube

4. DoubleClick

5. Twitter

6. Hotmail

7. Orkut

8. ad.yieldmanager

9. Meebo

10. eBay

Source: OpenDNS

 Although some of the pictures I was not able to put in my blog becuase it would not copy and paste here is the website if you would like to see the three pictures that were not included. Here is the site to check it out http://barbaraooooo.wordpress.com/page/2/


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