My First Twitter Chat

2 Mar

      At first, I was really confused on trying to figure out the whole Twitter thing. I really had no idea what I was doing, but this was a perfect opportunity to really see how twitter works. My twitter chat consisted of many different things. One page I opened was about the best twitter tips and what are the best. Honestly, this page was really interesting to me because I had no idea what to tweet about. Then the conversation flowed into interviews with new media. I did not get as much out of this, but it was entertaining to read. Then the chat started talking about great interview questions. I thought this was really helpful especially when going to an interview you should always prepare yourself with questions. After that one that really caught my eye was about sharing home addresses and phone numbers on Facebook. This one mainly stood out to me because Facebook is such a big deal now and majority of the people use it and share information that they probably should not. They really shared a lot of valid ideas and points that made me really mold my opinion several times to different ideas. The last one that I really like which I commented on was called “35 Twitter Hashtags for PR Pros”. This one held a lot of information on hashtags for Public Relation Pros. It shared PR jobs, PR students, Professional development, Social media and what it focuses on, and Practice and Expertise Focused. This can really be beneficial to many people especially having all this information in just one simple post.  The purpose of this chat that I commented on was to inform people about to share their ideas and come together as PR Professionals.  

My First tweet

twitter The Effects of Twitter on Politics   Its Not Just for Profits


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