Pros and Cons about Facebook Groups

27 Feb

      Majority of people today like to communicate with others by using Facebook. Facebook is popular all around the World. There are pros and cons of a private Facebook groups. Everyone of course is titled to their own opinion though. According to Ragan Communications Facebook private groups have been proven useful.


      A social media expert named Cheryl Harrison says she has used Facebook for a couple groups for work. She goes on saying that if she asks people that she works with to simply try and set up something where they all can talk it is like “setting them up for failure”. With Facebook though people are naturally on it all the time therefore it is much easier to get in contact with people. Of course, if they are already on it they will be checking their stuff more often. Cheryl Harrison says. “Facebook groups provide the ability to share information and project statuses in a familiar environment, with even more familiar pop-up notifications of new activity.”  

     Hanson says, “The tools in Facebook are useful for “instantaneous communication.” He pointed out how much there is to do on Facebook that benefits people such as chat features, person to person private messaging, or just simple group discussions.  Hanson also points out two really important points. First, how group members can always chat v e-mails sent to a group e-mail address, which is not anything like Google, and they can share documents. The other point Hanson talks about, is how you cannot edit documents on the fly. It is simply not like wiki or Google Docs.

      Hanson later on claims that you have to be careful when using Facebook. He claims that the information is kept on Facebook servers. Hanson thinks that Facebook can change the rules whenever they want and they frequently do. People need to keep an eye open for this.

      Blanton claims he tends to use YapTIME instead of Facebook. He states the reason why he uses this instead is because he does not have to worry about things being private. He says, “I like knowing my stuff is private, and I like not worrying about the very confusing, complex and hard-to-understand controls on Facebook.”

      I guess Facebook has both its negative and positives. For me, I would use Facebook and I do on a regular basics BUT I do not put personal information about me on it. I am cautious because you never know what information could be made to the public, BUT I would still recommend people to use it!


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