Facebook Passwords?

25 Feb

    For my Public Relations class I was asked to do a PR connection. At first, all the articles I was reading did not strike my attention until I saw this one. Going through all the articles through Ragan’s Public Relations Daily this article really stuck to my eye with so many different questions and concerns. Just the question struck me! Should an employer ever ask for a Facebook password?  Facebook today is so popular and so many people have it. I am sure people think it is a private place therefore they do not really care what they write in messages because it is between them and that person.

     People have said that Maryland’s Division of Correlation has asked for applicant’s password to facebook. ACLU said the request was “frightening and illegal invasion of privacy”. Many commenter and bloggers have debated if giving someone your password could be justified. Many people still think this is unacceptable.

     This is not just the first time that people have been asked for their password. Holtz has stated that USA Today Story in November about police departments asked employees to hand over their passwords to Facebook. Not only then, but later on in June the City of Bozeman required employees to give their Facebook passwords and other sites. Of course this only lasted for a short time though.

Two main questions should strike you!



        One person, DiBianca, suggests instead of asking people to give them their password if they are so concerned with this they should just have the person log-in to account in front of them. She explains that people need to be warned a head of time and be notified on what they are looking for.

                Honestly I think that this is absolutely ridiculous! How can someone invade your personal space like this? This is like asking if you can see all the e-mails you wrote to your friends, parents, and so on! There has to be a line to draw and I think it needs to be drawn now! No one should be asking for your personal stuff like this.


3 Responses to “Facebook Passwords?”

  1. acostadini February 26, 2011 at 4:34 pm #

    Wow! I cannot believe that this is actually happening. It is not legal to ask how old you are, what religion you are, or your martial status in an interview. No one should be allowed to ask for your Facebook password. That is just crazy. I agree with what DiBianca said about just pulling up the Facebook in front of the employer. That would be better… I guess. Nevertheless, I feel like this is not ethical. Great topic Sandra!

  2. blorezca February 27, 2011 at 9:55 pm #

    When I first read this, it was so bothersome to me. I’m completely aware that employers or even potential employers look at Facebook as a “reference” almost and to a certain extent, I agree with that policy. If I were ever asked my Facebook password in an interview or even at work I don’t even know how I would react – that’s how shocked I would be. It’s not that there’s anything to hide, it’s just an expectation of privacy… I definitely don’t like the idea and I don’t think it’s ethical.


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