A Perfect Resume

25 Feb

     A resume is something that can either make or break you from getting a job. It goes anywhere from a simple summer job to your regular every day job. Although technically you cannot get you a job from a resume it sure can get you an interview. In order for you to get that perfect job you need to make sure you do your resume right! Here are a couple websites I would recommend looking at.



      This website really goes into details about what they think you should include in your resume. Plus it tells about how your resume should be different than others because you want it to stand out. This is going to be your first impression therefore you want to make sure it is well written. This website also gives many tips that should help you as well in constructing your resume.


      Here is another website that I would recommend to anyone that needs to make a perfect resume. I picked this website out of all the ones I looked at because it goes step by step to make a resume. I think this is really important because you want to make sure you include important things. It includes anywhere from skills to past experiences.


      The last website I included was a broad website about resumes. I think this one is the most effective out of all of them. It talks about how you need to do research before. Then it discusses how you really want to talk about the employee’s needs and not your own needs. After that, it goes into talking about the objective and how the resume only has two sections. At the end it summarizes it all for you and what people should expect.

     Overall with the website you cannot really go wrong. These websites show step by step on what you should include. Hopefully this will encourage you to make a perfect resume when making out. Hope I helped everyone out!  JUST REMEMBER MAKING A PERFECT RESUME WILL GET YOU A PERFECT INTERVIEW, THEN IT IS YOU FROM THERE! Good luck!


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