Answer Your 6 Questions

24 Feb

    On Ragan Daily I found an article that Public Relation Pros use which is called 6 Questions to answer before you hit ‘send’. Honestly there are so many times when we all write something quick, but never really think about how the paper or project is before we submit it. When reading this article I think that by people using the tips it informs us on that we will have a lot more covered and make it more successful. Who would simply want to read something that is not fully done? Before you begin writing anything you should ask yourself six questions.

1. WHO?

 2. WHAT?

 3. WHERE?

4. WHEN?

 5. WHY?

       You want to know who really cares about what you are writing about. You want people to really look at your project and want to read it. Then you want to ask yourself what makes the story. You want thinks that are going to stand out. Maybe something that is going to be entertaining and interesting not just dull and boring. Then simply ask yourself where your story would fit in. Then last thing you want to think about is why someone would want to hear this story. What separates them from other stories? If it is not something you think is going to stand out maybe try something else. Even changing words can help out. This article inspired me to think about what can really make something stand out. It is like simple questions you simply hear everyday can help you out with a huge project or something you are working on. This is basically just trying to prepare us for anything we do to double check it. When reading this it inspired me to double check my work with these questions. I would recommend students to really put this article into consideration.


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