PR firm or PR department?

18 Feb

    A PR firm and a PR department are two things you really have to think about especially after graduating college with a PR major. I mean as college students, your mind should already be thinking about which one would best suit you. As a PR major I believe you are going to have to pick because there are so many roles and functions with the company.


    Public relations firms come from all over the world. They are constantly providing a variety of services. Majority of the time public relation firms are merging with advertising agencies or spreading through many companies.

There are many advantages and disadvantages with public relation firms.


    For starters, the firm has the ability to analyze the client’s need for new perspectives and problems. This really gives the client a fresh idea of new insights. The firm has a variety of specialists and skills such as speech, writing, magazine placement, or just simply helping with investor relations. The firm has a lot of wide-ranging experience in problem solving skills. This has to deal with anywhere from communication, health, medical issues, and international coordinates of special projects as well. There are many firms that are having offices throughout the country. Plus they offer a lot of international jobs. Last but not least, they have resources from all around. They have many media contacts and work regularly with many suppliers of products and services.


     First, the cost is a huge disadvantage. Public relations work can be handled at lower costs by internal staff. Another disadvantage would be the lack of commitment. A public relations firm has a lot of clients to serve meaning no single client can control its staff and other resources. A client also must be willing to share all their information.

These are just some of the disadvantage and advantages. Still after knowing the knowledge that I know right now I think I would still pick a public relations firm over a public relations department.

Public Relations


One Response to “PR firm or PR department?”

  1. kirsten121890 February 19, 2011 at 4:18 pm #

    I agree- students should be weighing their options. Choosing between a firm and a corporation involves some research (which you have provided). Personally speaking, I would want to get connected with a firm. This allows for an introduction into the PR field and the development of a networking base. As you stated, firms usually have a wide-range of experience in the problem-solving arena. This proves the existence of a support system. Without the aid of other PR practitioners, a PR professional must fend for himself (usually the case if working for a corporation). As a student with no experience, I would side with a firm.

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