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2 Feb


1ST COMMENT (February 18, 2011)

Elizabeth Telg,

I really like your blog and totally agree with you on it. It would have been a fun time to live because there was a lot going on during that time.  I do agree with you in your blog that we really do take a lot of this for granted today. I think this part of time would of really gave us a chance to watch how people are so creative around us and see new things about public relations growing around us. That would have been such an experience!


Sandra Theoret

2nd COMMENT (February 18, 2011)

 Erica Earl,

 Your blog really caught my eye. I really do feel bad for Branson though because I know this would really be a tough spot to be in. I am sure a lot of people were laughing at her first, but this is why it is important to know a whole story before saying something about someone. I hope Branson does not get discouraged by this and continues her work. I am happy to her that some sites are apologizing to her about laughing at her. Can you image if she would have died from a stroke how mad this would have made sites look? They should really find out all the information before laughing about this.


Sandra Theoret

3rd COMMENT (February 18, 2011)

 Jordan Staggs,

 Your blog defiantly has some truth behind it. I never sit and think about the words that I say a lot, but your blog is right. All of us as humans say things and do not really switch up our vocabulary a lot. I think this is important to switch up our vocabulary because it will make you first sound better and second give you a range of words. This will help you down through the future especially when applying for a job you want to sound sophisticated.


Sandra Theoret

4th COMMENT (February 18, 2011)

Sarah Allen,

 I do agree with your blog. I like Mark Lowry’s quote when he said, “Anyone can be good at something if they work hard enough, but talent is a gift from God.” This is defiantly a true statement I would have to agree with. Anyone that puts time into something and keeps constantly working at something is eventually going to get better at it. You cannot just sit down somewhere and expect all the sudden to accomplish things you have only tried one time. Of course with all this in mind you have to keep in mind how God has helped you throughout the way.


Sandra Theoret

5th COMMENT (February 2, 2011)

Kirstin Maser,

I really liked this blog. Just reading this blog helped me realize more details about publics. I liked your analogy about the different compartments and how you split them up. I think you pinned the point about the public and you understood it well. Another thing I like is how you were talking about how you do not know how you fall into these different categories, but you know you contribute to them. I think this is a huge thing to understand because so many people just think they are in these categories but do not realize how they contribute to them. I think in many cases just about every public you are in your contributing into, but there are different contributes to each. For example just showing up or actually getting involved and taking control of certain things.


Sandra Theoret

6th COMMENT (February 2, 2011)

Barbara Oguntola,

The podcast you listened to was defiantly an interesting podcast. I think this is one of the hardest things to deal with because you do not know if you should stick up for your beliefs or just put them aside this one time for the money. I strongly agree with you on being smart about picking the client you are going to be working for or representing for. This way the things will end up turning out to be a little easier. I understand sometimes that you pick someone though and you think they are good and then it turns out both having different morals. I am going to be more aware of this situation though because I would not want to be put into a situation like that. I really liked your blog and I feel like I got some good information out of it.


Sandra Theoret    

7th COMMENT (February 2, 2011)

Emily Bos,

I like your blog about spelling. I agree this is a huge factor and can really bring down a company. This really does make the company look really ignorant. Especially if you are looking at a company it can change your mind just because of spelling. The worst part is the company could actually be a legate company, but it was just a small mistake but turned into something a lot bigger. I like how you made suggestions on your blog to avoid common errors. I think this can really be helpful to a lot of people. Another thing I liked was the pictures you posted. I think this really makes your blog stand out and adds humor to it. It draws the attention to a lot of people too. I enjoyed reading your blog.


Sandra Theoret

8th COMMENT (February 2, 2011)

Brittany Lorezca,

I really like your picture on your blog it makes your blog stood out and makes people want to read it. I agree with you about people getting sick of technology. I mean that is pretty much what this world is coming to is completely technology and things keep coming out. I think people have to just get use to it. I like your four ways to avoid social media overload as well. I think this can be useful to a lot of people. By maybe taking these steps will help people like technology and it will come easier to some people. Another thing I really liked was your example on telling a teenager that they are going to be banned from a computer or cell phone. I do not think this is going to go over well. This world is really getting more and more into technology and soon majority of people will be using it every day. 


Sandra Theoret

9TH COMMENT (February 24,2011)

Christina Harden,

                I like your post about being a reporter. For me, I am a hand on person so doing a game would really help me out. This would be an easy way to learn what you did right and wrong. Plus it would be a great learning experience just to be prepared. I think this is a great way to learn about something to try it out. Doing research would defiantly help in Public Relations. I think this blog would help people and I would recommend it as well to other people.


Sandra Theoret

10th COMMENT (February 24,2011)

Ariana Costadini,

                Your blog looks great with tons of pictures. This really draws people to your blog. I think your blog is entertaining and looks like a lot of fun. I did not get to see the show but I feel like I was there when reading your blog. Another thing I liked was at the end of your blog how you put a website just in case we wanted to know more. Overall your blog was great!


Sandra Theoret

11th COMMENT (February 28, 2011)

Public Relations: Key To Success

WOW! I must say that this blog was really helpful! Majority of the information that was shared in the beginning I was aware of, but it really helped when going into more depth with it. I did not really understand how broad Public Relations were until reading this. Of course, I knew that Public Relations stretched a lot, but not this much. One thing I was not aware of was how Public Relation Practitioners are recruited from the ranks of Journalism. I liked how the blog goes into details with that it exactly means. For example towards the end you start to describe what you mean. At first, I was confused until you used examples to help me see clearly.

12th COMMENT (February 28, 2011)

About Resturants

I think this is really useful information especially to someone that wants to open a business in the future. Majority of the people really do go out to eat. People are always going to be lazy and want to do things the easy way. It is funny how people can just be so lazy to just go home and want to do absolutely nothing because they are tired. Therefore, I think this is a perfect opportunity for people to take advantage of this and get their money by opening up restaurants. This is a perfect opportunity because you never know how much you can benefit from it.

13th COMMENT (April 4, 2011)

Keep your trap SHUT!

I think this is VERY TRUE! I mean a part of public relations is not about trying to create a lot of news but to protect their clients. This really gives a lot of people things to talk about. Basically I believe that you should not say anything on the internet unless you want everyone to see it. PROTECT YOUR IMAGE!

14th COMMENT (April 4, 2011)

Ariana Costadini

WOW! This is too funny! I always wonder what this world is coming to every day. I totally agree with you about this being ridiculous. I mean what words are going to come next! I am not going to lie though I am constantly using these words, but for them to be added into the dictionary is CRAZY! I never use them in papers or anything professional though.  As the same as you I wonder what Webster would think about this decision.

15th comment (April 7,2011)

Kirstin Maser

Your blog is very helpful! I used to look at public relations as just marketing too until this course where I realized that it has a lot more stuff to do. It has to do with planning, executing, and evaluating. Of course marketing is still included but public relations is very broad. I like your youtube video as well. This blog people should look at to understand public relations better.

16th comment (April 7,2011)

Do Your Quotes Have G.A.S?

This is defantly an eye opener. I like this post and think more people should be aware of this. Communication is really important to have. Without it we can really do nothing. The examples helped out a lot and I understand what you are saying. This is a great blog! I would recommend it to other people.

17th comment (April 8, 2011)

Cody Marlow

WOW! Yes, you are so right about this. I mean really what is so great about starbucks? I guess the image of your company really means a lot. I mean friends are always going to tell friends. Plus it depends on the people who are working at starbucks, I have never heard a single complaint about them. They always are friendly and welcoming when walking in there. This has a huge impact on people. I like your post it really shows how important your image is BECAUSE people are going to tell other people.

18th comment (April 8,2011)

Sad News

This is a sad situation to discuss, but I understand we all have to take action. I think we SHOULD say something because it was someone’s life. They need to be recognized for their work and they should be remembered. I think that if the death was suicide that it should not be announced though. I mean that is just an area we should not touch because obviously they were not happy and took away their own life.

19th comment (April 8, 2011)

Get your Audience

This is a great article. There is really no excuse for an opening speech to be boring. Except for the fact that most speeches are boring that we have to listen to. We normally get bored right when they open their mouth. These are great tips and something that we should keep in mind. It is important to keep speeches interesting we do not want people to fall asleep.

20th comment (April 8,2011)

Jessica Ardrey

I like your blog! I had the chance to learn some new things that I was previously not aware of before. I have heard of the word lobbying a couple times, but was not sure exactly what it meant, so your blog gave me a clear definition of it. I also like how you went into detail when explaining things. This blog helped me understand things for clearer.


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