Week 3- PR podcasts and PR students

29 Jan

Listening to PR podcasts can really help PR students and PR practitioners. The first podcast that I listened to was The Creative Career. I think that I really benefited from this podcast because it taught me about organization in my life. I learned how as people we all think a lot of things are important, but really are wasting time doing unnecessary things that could be done later.

One example Steven Robbins used was about e-mails. We all get tons of emails but he taught us that if we make a list of which ones we want to respond to and only respond to the ones necessary at the time it will teach us how to better spend our time. Instead of sitting at the computer for a couple hours writing back everyone, we will have a list and our time management and organization will be affected by this. This will help out with not getting distracted and getting whatever it is we want done first. This will help everyone set their priorities right and gives you a balance. That way we will get our highest priorities done first, and then worry about the other things that we need to do.

Another thing that really stood out to me about this podcast was how a simple hobby can turn into a career and something you can make money. Steven was just being creative one day and was doing podcasts as a hobby and decided to share some of them with the world. Then within three weeks, they hit number one in the business category. Then later a publishing company approached him and asked to him to do a book about productivity. I think this is really neat and it really demonstrates public relations as a process. There is research being done which was his hobby on the subject, then communication with his opinion to other people. This ended up leading to feedback which was liked by the public.

The other podcast that I liked that stood out to me was coming up with PR. The podcast identifies and discusses trends for communication. They use the example of the pizza maker Dominos as a company. Basically, what I got out of this video was how communication in PR is really important. Companies need to learn to be proactive and not reactive. For example, Dominos could have avoided a lot of social media such as the news and so for if they would have started a program with the media. They waited a while to communicate which could have not had them on the news and had avoided a lot of people talking about them. There is a big difference between responding in a couple hours and a couple days. Companies need to satisfy their customers, and it makes a huge difference.  Still today, Dominos can be affected by this type of communication. They need to gain trust in the community and engage in conversation to have their business be successful.

These videos that I watched really helped me understand PR a lot better because I really did not understand how different experiences can affect a business. Plus, I learned that PR is really everywhere such as in business, education, and much more. I think as a PR student and a PR practitioner these videos really gave me a feel for the field and knowledge in certain situations.


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