Public Relations – Week 2 (Publics)

29 Jan

   Public is when you effect a population or a community as a whole. A public is pretty much a group of people with common interests. There are so many publics that I am involved in. Growing up in today’s world it is extremely hard to not be involved in publics. I think the way you grow up and how you were raised can really affect your publics.

   Since I consider myself a Christian and I attend the same church with the same people, I would be considered a public of that church. We all share the same common interests. We all attend the church at least once a week and sometimes even more often. I would consider myself a regular member because I attend every Sunday and tithe. Without going to church and reading my Bible, I would not have the knowledge that I do about God. This has helped me determine who I am today and my choices I make every single day.

            Another public that I attend is basketball. Growing up since I was six years old I was always shooting hoops outside with people or playing on an organized basketball team. Last year, I played basketball for Southeastern University. All of the athletes that tried out had the same interest, which was the love of basketball. The majority of us have played ball together growing up or against one another. Today, I still play basketball almost once a week. Basketball has always been my love and will always remain my love.

   I am a member of the Health First club in Merritt Island, which is in the town where I was raised. I go to the health club at least once a month and on breaks a lot more depending on when I have time to go home. I like to work out and attend classes that work out my body. I believe that this can really keep you healthy and in better shape. I would be considered an athletic public. I enjoy working out with instructors and learning from them the proper way to work out my muscles and body. To my understanding, working out the proper way will give you better overall health and a more enjoyable life because you will be fit.


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