Public Relations Week 1

28 Jan

    When I read “Understanding Media: Process and Principals” it really helped me have a better understanding of media messages. I never really understood how media messages can really affect what people use every day. I learned that media can be used through newspapers, television, magazines, radio, and the internet. I learned how media can really persuade many viewers as well. It can persuade the viewers in three different ways which are practical, emotional, and associations.

   Another thing that I learned was the five principals of media. Before reading this I never really understood anything about media really was. These principals really taught me a better understanding of media literacy. The five principals I learned was that media messages are constructions. Basically, constructions taught me that you have to look at the color, music, text, and anything that has any persuasive techniques. Media messages represent reality. From reading the text, what stood out to me about reality was mainly that the viewers and readers have the most impact. I knew everyone responds to media messages differently, but I didn’t really understand why. Of course, when reading this it taught me why people look at things in a different way based on what they went through in their life, cultural differences, or beliefs.

    Media messages have a lot of different purposes which I never understood what those purposes were. I learned that there are economic, social, political, historic, and aesthetic messages. They also have their own language and symbols. Basically, they are just trying to influence and persuade different people to purchase whatever it is that they are trying to sell. One example that helped me better understand this is when they use a child and show them a toy that they would want or desire. Therefore, the child would be interested in a toy so they would show it. Now this makes a lot more sense in how to get people to relate to the product.

    One thing that really surprised me was how people really have an influence on everything. I guess I really just never took the time to think about it, but people and the way they think really affect a lot of jobs. I didn’t really realize how the media has a huge effect on people’s decisions. I think something I would definitely want to learn about is how to really get involved in the media and understand it better. I also want to understand how people can really become a critical media consumer.


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